Atlanta based Puerto Rican born photographer Francesneyra Claudio plays homage to the traditions of flamenco in ‘CANTE JONDO’ a gender fluid series of photographs featuring Maldorin

Growing up in Puerto Rico one is made very aware of one’s cultural heritage from a young age. The island was colonised by Spaniards in 1493 who brought with them African slaves, but at the time our island was inhabited by our own native Indians called Tanos. Over the centuries the descendants of these three distinctly different people’s mixed in with those of the invading North Americans. The result is the vibrant genetic and cultural mix that defines modern Puerto Rico.

As a senior student of the Photography department at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) I was invited to take part in ‘SOLOS’, a group exhibition at MASON Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I wanted to create something unique that referenced both the Spanish part of my heritage and celebrated a queer aesthetic. So I decided to explore the passion and excitement inherent in the music, fashion, and movement of Flamenco and combine that with a gender-ambiguous model. The result is ‘CANTE JONDO’…


Photographer: Francesneyra Claudio, Model: Maldorin