Old school New Wave electro idol Alexander Geist sends us word on his latest show, this Friday at the RichMix, part of the And What? Queer Arts Festival

“I met most of my friends and lovers in nightclubs, dancing, and have long been enthralled by watching bodies in the ballet Rambert whirling across the stage. Strangely, as a theatre artist, I’ve been far more inspired and influenced by what I see and hear at parties, or at dance shows than what I see at the theatre. Seems obvious then that I should take the opportunity to fuse the discipline and technique of contemporary dance, with the erotic abandonment and hedonism of the gay bar dance floor, no? With two indefatigable dancers, Robert Hesp and Jonathon Luke Baker, we’ve built a show that is cryptic, sexy, gruesome in parts, ritualistic, witty, and full of surprises. There’s also a new text available at the show with informs and reconfigures the piece for the audience once they’ve gone home. 

Last year I sang opera, this year I’m working with contemporary dance. It’s exciting to work with “legitimate” art forms, high art forms, and corrupt them by setting precise, conceptual, controlled movement to something as apparently flippant as pop music, it perverts all parts concerned. This is a show which looks like a pop concert but functions like a dance piece, or vice versa maybe. As if Pina Bausch had cast David Byrne in a piece to be directed by David Lynch. 

It’s a show about memory, fantasy, identity, stardom, fandom, and the collapse between it all. It’s also a eulogy for all of the great creative minds lost in the AIDS holocaust, it’s a response from an artist who feels orphaned since all of those could be mentors and encounters are long gone. It’s also a call to arms to protect sacred queer spaces where relationships and collaborations like this can flourish. It’s also a formal experiment to see how three artists with diverse practices can work together onstage. It’s also a really fucking good time, and I defy you to find a better way to spend Friday 13th.”

Any Instant Whatsoever 7.30pm Friday 13th October, 

Presented by the And What? Queer Arts Festival

Tickets: available at https://www.richmix.org.uk/events/dance/any-instant-whatsoever

Photography by: Sven Gutjahr