Umlilo’s ‘Umzabalazo’ video Part 2

South African Kwaai Diva Extraordinaire Umlilo has released the fully interactive part 2 version of ‘Umzabalazo’ off his sophomore EP ‘Aluta’. The video, produced by ALV productions and directed Odendaal Esterhuyse boasts new navigation tools that allow viewers to fully immerse themselves into its world. Viewers not only learn more about the #FeesMustFall movement but also follow two separate storylines and explore the city of Johannesburg through five sites of struggle on Umlilo’s website:  The video music video chronicles the ‘#FeesMustFall’ movement through the lens of two characters who find themselves at opposite spectrum of the South African youth struggle.

Through a journey around South Africa’s golden metropolis Johannesburg, the video explores the day in a life of an everyday slacktivist and projections of his alter ego as he consumes #FeesMustFall updates on social media.


The video utilizes a number of digital applications to tell the story and they all culminate in a story map journey. The music video shoot was live streamed on Periscope as Umlilo performed at a number of historical sites of struggle around Johannesburg. At each location, a 360 image was taken and added to a permanent spot on Google maps. Part 1 of the video sees the linear and traditional music video. The interactive part 2 launched during Umlilo’s talk at TedxCapeTownWomen.

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